Order A Batch

Batch Wine

Order your own wine for a special occasion

Step 1: Select Wines that YOU love

Select your favorite wine, from Cabernets and Chardonnays to Dessert and Fruit Wines, we are sure to have something you will thoroughly enjoy.

Step 2: Design Your Label

Specially customized labels are included in the cost of your wine-making purchase. We work with you to make a label that is unique and memorable. Put your family name on the label, or perhaps a picture of a memorable event. The possibilities are endless. View Label Options

Step 3: Cellar Your Fine Wine

With 6 to 12 months cellaring, we guarantee that your wine will taste as wonderful as the wine you first sampled at our tasting bar. But this is just the beginning.

Wine Selections Yield Approximately 30 Bottles (750mL)
Price includes wine, Bottles, corks, standard labels (30), and shrink caps
Average Cost, $6 – $12 per Bottle
Prices are Subject to Change

Eclipse Selection - $360.00


  • Valley’s Best (Napa Valley Stag’s Leap District Merlot)
  • Rancher’s Reserve (Lodi Ranch 11  Cabernet Sauvignon)
  • Amore (Italian Amarone)
  • Stonehouse Red (Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir)


  • Little Princess (Washington Columbia Valley Riesling)

International Selection - $270.00


  • Walkabout (Australian Cabernet/Shiraz)
  • Little Italy (Italian Montepulciano)
  • Sweet Red (Special House Wine)


  • Elegance (French Chardonnay)
  • Renaissance (Italian Pinot Grigio)
  • White Moon (German Muller-Thurgau)

Premium Selection - $240.00


  • Serenity (White Merlot)
  • Camelot (Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot)
  • Sailor’s Delight (White Zinfandel)
  • Soprano (Chianti)


  • Luna Bianca (Luna Bianca)
  • Sweet Essence (Liebfraumilch)

Fruit Wines - $195.00


  • Splash (Black Raspberry Merlot)
  • Blue Lagoon (Blueberry Pinot Noir)
  • Pink Diamonds (Strawberry White Merlot)
  • Granite Summer (Pomegranate Zinfandel)
  • Oceans Away (Cranberry Malbec)
  • Baja (Sangria Zinfandel Blush)


  • Sunshine (Peach Apricot Chardonnay)
  • Sweet Alibi (White Cranberry Pinot Grigio)
  • Autumn Emeralds (Green Apple Riesling)
  • Paradise (Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio)

Specialty Wine (375ml)


  • Anastasia – $240.00 (Port)
  • Rubies in the Sky – $360.00
    (Cabernet-Franc Ice Wine)


  • Hale Storm – $360.00 (Riesling Ice Wine)
I love all your wines and such a great selection! Keep up the great job Hometown Cellars!!
Lori S.

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